Flair, Refinement, and all Things Mixed: Bathroom Essentials for Right Now

These enticing finds and luxurious essentials are the ideal ingredients for a bathroom sanctuary.

Rockwell Lavatory with Low Level Cistern, $2,450

the water monopoly toilet_bathroom essentials

Finally an option besides a bland white toilet! Available in many colors this yellow sherbet lavatory with a wooden seat exudes vintage charm and is poised to make an impression. Starting at $2,450 at Water Monopoly.


Crel Towel Set, $275

society limonata_towel set_bathroom essentials

With subtle texture and tailored stitching, the Crel towel set — made from 100% linen — adds an air of refined elegance. Available for $275 at Society Limonta.


Roman Soap Dish, $69

the dowry_roman soap dish_bathroom essentials

Practical and stylish, this soap dish reminiscent of a monastic roman fountain, hugs the sink and lets water drain from a cleverly hand molded channel. Available for $69 at The Dowry. 


Warka Tile, $ 15

warka tile_bathroom essentials

Handmade in Morocco, these matte tiles feature an abstracted leaf motif and can be installed in a variety of ways, such as full statement wall or a more subtle perimeter trim. Available for $15 at LRNCE.


Lilu Stool, $970

lilu stool_heaps and woods_bathroom essentials

With a confident geometric silhouette this accent stool, made from teak, is destined to live beside a soaking tub to house a vessel of bath salts or even a glass of wine. Available for $970 at Heaps & Woods.

Sutro Medicine Cabinet, $1,500

Sutro Medicine Cabinet_bathroom essentials

A refreshing departure from the frameless mirror medicine cabinet style, this radius edge wood framed medicine cabinet brings a touch of warmth with cerused wood and a sensible profile. Starting at $1,500 at the assembly line.