Spaces Design Editor’s Favorite Items of 2023

It has been an absolute delight to purposefully curate selections for SPACES and Marin Magazine this year. After combing through so many great items, I have nominated the following for best in class. All of these favorites make the cut with their adventurous personality, reflection of fine craftsmanship, and ability to leave a lasting impression. Without a doubt the star quality is at peak ripeness with this bunch.  

Denmead Stool

Denmead Stool

This Art Deco inspired stool is ready to impress with swooping steelwork and chain link pattern upholstery. Available for $5,600 at And Objects.

“The details here make this stool magic! Subtle pleated upholstery, a complementary patterned textile, and intricate metalwork still impress.” 

Roman Soap Dish

the dowry_roman soap dish_bathroom essentials

Practical and stylish, this soap dish reminiscent of a monastic roman fountain, hugs the sink and lets water drain from a cleverly hand molded channel. Available for $68 at The Dowry.

“I’m still just a sucker for that hand molded channel. So clever!” 

Ukiyo Water Bowl 

ukiyo water bowl

Thoughtfully composed with a Japanese sensibility, this fountain features delicate floating islands planted to create an aquatic landscape vignette. Starting at $3,550 at Opiary.

“I just don’t get tired of looking at beautiful things. The composition and possibilities with this piece keeps it relevant.” 

Framed AP13 Rug

prevalent projects framed ap13 rug

This 100% wool rug amps it up with an eye-catching color-block perimeter, providing a vibrant twist to the traditional neutral kilim. Starting at $565 at Prevalent Projects.

“Hook, line, and sinker! This rug is a color blocking treasure and can accommodate so many aesthetics. Still love this one!”

Buitenhuis Chandelier 


This chandelier is a segmented halo composed of twinkling, 3D-printed arcs. Originally commissioned to hang within a spiral staircase, the ring can be adjusted spontaneously by hand, while a two-way pulley system ensures smooth, dynamic tilting. Starting at $15,392 at Kooij.

Lilu Stool

lilu stool_heaps and woods_bathroom essentials

With a confident geometric silhouette this accent stool, made from teak, is destined to live beside a soaking tub to house a vessel of bath salts or even a glass of wine. Starting at $1,329 at Heaps & Woods.

“Hand gauged wood is trending, but I don’t care — this table is still fabulous! Trends happen for a reason and this one has an indefinite shelf life.” 

Cushion Endymion 

Cushion Endymion

This pillow designed by artist and designer Luke Edward Hall is made from linen and features a watercolor portrait inspired by Greek mythology. Available for $176 at Svenskt Tenn.

“Luke Edward Hall just gets it. His signature style is so pleasantly captivating and playful with the perfect undertone of sophistication. He is an interior design icon in the making no doubt.”

Mini Peyote Chair 

Blackman Cruz Mini Peyote Chair

As though it were pastry dough rising to perfection this impossibly plump and sumptuous swivel chair celebrates lamb shearling with impressive proportions. Starting at $12,800 at Blackman Cruz.

“It looks like rising croissant dough and I want every piece of it. A silhouette to remember and to love.” 

Funnel Holistic Planter

holistic habit wall planter

This wall-mounted planter owes everything to its funnel and detached tray design, which gives it a dynamic sculptural quality. Made with fair trade terracotta. Available for $129 at Holistic Habitat

“Although it is simple this planter has that winning composition and presence that elevates a space. I don’t imagine this one going out of style, like ever.”

Lescaze Chair

Lecaze Chair

Imagined by Trueing, this sculptural chair embraces the minimalist intersection of translucent glass bricks and anodized aluminum. To the trade, available at Trueing.

“This chair seems like it has been appreciated in a fine museum for decades. The blunt architectural form compliment with the gentle ochre bricks makes this so iconic.”