Take It Outside: These 4 New Furniture Pieces, from Dedon, Menu and More, Effortlessly Work Both Indoors and Outdoors

Suddenly switching to work-from-home during the pandemic highlighted the value of flexibility when it comes to design. These furniture pieces work both indoors and outdoors, offering a ton of options when it comes to changing up the look of your home.

Hopper AA Table by Extremis

modern picnic table extremis
Photo courtesy of Extremis.

With this piece, Belgian designer Dirk Wynants has elevated the mundane picnic table into a functional modern sculpture. He envisioned the table, which is made from powder-coated aluminum, as “playful yet architectural.” The Hopper AA is typically sold as office furniture, but it would work equally well for relaxing with friends and family. Starts at $8,750. Available in San Francisco Bay Area at One Workplace 415-357-2200 oneworkplace.com and in Chicago at Interiors For Business Inc. 630-761-1070, interiorsforbusiness.com.

Plec Round Coffee Table by Antoni Pallejà

coffee table
Photo courtesy of Morlen Sinoway.

We love how this piece juxtaposes smooth marble with the zig-zags of textural steel. It would work well in both a living room or an outdoor lounge area, and is available in several sizes and colors: black, red, green and white. That last colorway brings to mind the crispness and durability of the quintessential summer fabric: linen. For inquiries, contact Morlen Sinoway at 312-432-0100, morlensinoway.com.

WM String Lounge Chair by Wendy Legro and Maarten Collignon of Studio WM for Menu

outdoor lounge chair
Photo courtesy of MENU.

The wide, flat back of this chair, which is available in both dining and lounge heights, gives it an unusual profile. Designed by a Dutch studio, it can be used with or without a cushion and is very light, so it easily transitions to the outdoors, or vice versa. Available for $349.95 at MENU Design Shop.

Babylon Side Table/Stool by Harry-Paul for Dedon

side table stool dedon
Photo courtesy of DEDON.

With its resemblance to a whirlpool or a tornado, this side table/stool brings great energy to any room. It can also bring light; there’s an LED lights, dimmable by remote control, inside. The piece would work for a romantic evening in a garden, or a sophisticated cocktail party inside. Find a showroom here.

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